Mohammad Faizan Azim

Full Stack Engineer

I make and break stuff.
But not always in that order.


Somewhere around 2020, I jumped into coding, and it's been quite the journey. From startups to a major corporation, I've been exploring different tech worlds and loving every bit of it.

Currently, I'm working at Google, dedicated to streamlining the developer experience. We're brainstorming exciting projects aimed at helping developers not only succeed but also enjoy the process!

When I'm not coding, you'll find me hitting the gym, diving into fanfictions, or gaming on both Xbox and PS5 (couldn't choose just one!). Also, I'm just a total cat person 🐱.


  1. Jun 2024 - Present

    Software Engineer III · Google

    Just started at Google. More details coming soon!

  2. Nov 2020 - Jun 2024

    Senior Software Engineer · Powerplay

    Introduced TypeScript to Powerplay WebApp for enhanced productivity. Implemented dynamic backend-driven views and paginated tabular rendering with inline editing. Optimized Task Grid for faster performance and keyboard interactions. Improved search functionality and critical backend API performance. Led code quality discussions and enforced guidelines. Developed Kafka-based data streaming system. Created admin dashboard for faster ticket resolution. Assumed on-call duties and mentored junior team members.

  3. May 2020 - Nov 2020

    Full Stack Intern · Spation

    Led the creation of their MVP. Created a product for alpha testing under 2 weeks. Developed an open-source donation platform for Italian restaurants. Optimized performance by over 50% using webpack.


  1. Sorting Visualizer

    A sorting visualizer. You can run this app to see how different sorting techniques work. Implemented Merge Sort, Heap Sort, Quick Sort, Insertion Sort, Bubble Sort and Selection Sort.

    Sorting Visualizer
  2. ls-tree

    A CLI command which will output the directory hierarchy in a tree structure.

  3. Chary

    Chary is an anti-predator chat app which detects predators and filter toxic messages. This was my team's submission for the Software India Hackathon which had the problm statement of: Detection of child predators/cyber harassers on social media.

  4. GoPong

    The original pong game made with Go.